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Haseena Saleem

“Horizon of Knowledge” is the perfect synonym of “a box full of surprises”. Be it additional educational initiatives or field trips or extra-curricular activities, it kept the students excited and made learning an experience.

I did my Bachelors of Business Administration specialized in Human Resource Management (regular class). Not only did I enjoy the course and the challenges it posed, but the course also gave me an insight into how business works in the United Arab Emirates. With resources to understand how to start up my own business.

Ali Ashraf

I am very thankful to the administration and faculty of the HOK to help me step up in my career by providing me with the best of education and personal skills. Teaching aids and presentations were always laid out simple and clear. Responses and reports were always swift, timely and extremely helpful. It always made me more comfortable when talking to my superiors and peers in a work environment, because of the grooming and confidence I gained at HOK as a student. I would definitely recommend HOK! It has improved my CV, and got me a job quicker than I thought.

Nishad Ibrahim

While studying at HOK, I grew as an individual, learning to interact and talk to people from different backgrounds and portray the best of my skills in corporate field. The facilities at the premises are impeccable and the variety of services available made me always feel very supported both by administration and faculty.

Rumaila Abdullah

HOK is absolutely a pleasant atmosphere to learn and grow at. Excellent faculty who guides and supports in every step throughout your course. Opportunities to nurture your hidden talents. If you want to go ahead in your career, HOK is the best place to be.

Zarina Begum

HOK has given me the confidence to move ahead in my career. It gave me the opportunity to step back and reflect on what I do, how well I do it and where I can improve together with the toolkit to progress. It has given me a much greater sense of appreciation for what it is to become strategically focused. But ultimately, it was the opportunity to apply my existing skill set coupled with those skills learned on the campus in my own workplace that has proved most rewarding.

Horizon of Knowledge Management Training was pioneered in 2007 and is now an established leader in imparting quality education in Management and Accounting in the UAE.

HOK has state of the art facilities in the classrooms complete with technology, highly motivated teaching faculty, development of student abilities across a range of different skills and a fantastic grounding for heading out into the workplace.Students, do come to relish in the endless opportunities at HOK!

To offer quality educational services to young graduates by igniting their creative young minds to tackle the challenges and promote leadership and entrepreneur skills to achieve excellence in the corporate business world.

Create a generation of techno savvy entrepreneurs with a unique blend of corporate and youth leadership skills.